Tickets on sale NOW for: CLUB FEMDOM JUNE


Tickets for subs/slaves/servants are £25 in advance or £35 otd – they include a ‘donation’ to cover the entry of a registered Lady


Tickets for couples are £30 in advance or £40 on the door – they are for one male or female sub/slave/servant & one Female Dominant*only. Couples MUST arrive at the same time.


Tickets for Ladies* are £15 in advance PLUS £5 of your ticket will be refunded in the form of a drink token or cash if you arrive before 11pm.

 There is a allocation of tickets for Ladies* that are FREE given out at various events – If you get a code to get a free ticket we do ask that You pay a five pound ‘deposit’ and arrive before 11pm to get this refunded.

Ladies* who do not pay in advance are required to pay £20 on the door

There are no refunds for non attendance

The promoters reserve the right to offer whichever £5 refund format they decide on and this may vary from month to month

*The Club Femdom policy regarding the definition of Femdom, Female Dominant or Lady: You were born and/or raised as a Female and/or You identify with being Female and live 24/7 as a Female now.  This does exclude those who dress for pleasure as We feel that unless you exist in this world as a Woman you cannot possibly fathom the nuances of Female Domination. If you feel you are the exception to this rule please feel free to discuss it with Mistress Absolute or Miss Ava Von Medisin BEFORE you arrive.