Club Femdom

Protocol – read carefully

Those whom find themselves captivated by the true Femdom principle and are wishing to worship, serve and admire must clearly comprehend that this club is High Protocol, where slave/submissive etiquette will be firmly in place and that all House Rules will be expected to be respected and obeyed.

For the un-owned submissive/slave:

  • First impressions are the ones that matter the most. Take care with your appearance and make sure you have abided by the House dress code.
  • Fetish or a smart black suit, worn with a collar. No casual wear, jeans, business suit or the wearing of just underwear! – you shall be turned away at the entrance if you fail to follow this simple rule
  • Politeness shows respect!
  • Being formal with your communication will help to support any nervousness you are feeling and decrease the chances of potential mistakes, which can be easily made.
  • You will find being formal in your actions and speech is more likely to be welcomingly accepted.
  • In generalisation, manners will be viewed upon with great approval!
  • Holding a door open, finding a seat or helping to remove or put on a coat for a lady will simply demonstrate your enthusiasm to serve meaningfully and efficiently.
  • Club Femdom is a Femdom event and not a Multi Mistress event if you want to guarantee play then we suggest you go with a professional. We do offer a ‘Wingwoman’ and pre party event/service for just that purpose – see Intro & WW page HERE

Initialising a conversation with a Femdom Lady:

  • Remember it is not polite to interrupt any conversation, more so for a slave to do so when a FemDom lady is talking to another.
  • Always show respect and stand a distance of three foot steps away when the Lady is standing.
  • Do not appear impatient or seek attention by moving about and cause a distraction.
  • Remain standing still, eyes downcast and hands behind your back.
  • If the Lady is seated and you are able to kneel, then do so.
  • Keep the respected distance and have the palms of your hands facing upwards resting upon your knees, eyes remained downcast.
  • Only when the FemDom Lady acknowledges your presence should you then respectfully speak.
  • A good example of a first introduction would be “With Respect may i speak with you?” If you are unaware of whom you are speaking with, addressing a Femdom Lady with Ma’am or Ms would be viewed as admirable.
  • The Femdom Lady will inform you of Her preferred title if She so wishes to engage in conversation with you.

General rules and guidelines:

  • Seating within Club Femdom is strictly prohibited to the submissive and slave. (if for some medical reason you have difficulty standing, kneeling or sitting on the floor then inform a House Mistress and She will assist you)
  • Dungeon furniture is for active play and not for sitting upon.
  • Coming from the outside environment into Club Femdom can be very intimidating if you are a slave/submissive encountering your first time in an unfamiliar situation. There is an exceptional team of House Mistresses at Club Femdom that will assist and guide you if you so need that little extra reassurance.
  • We are not mindreaders so if you would like to be played with please respectfully ask a Lady –  if you are not having much success then speak to a House Domme who can guide you in thje right direction
  • At Club Femdom our awareness of safe, sane and consensual play is at the forefront of the House Mistresses priorities and again they will assist if you so choose.
  • As a consenting adult slave /submissive you will be aware of your own limitations and boundaries, make these clear before you engage in any form of active play.
  • If you are ordered to do something by someone you do not know, you feel uncomfortable or feel it is wrong as a submissive /slave you do have the right to politely refuse.
  • Remember to remain formally polite
    “With respect Ma’am/Ms I am not familiar with who you are therefore must refuse your request.
  • If you are demanded by the same person the second time, again remain polite
    “With respect Ma’am/Ms I have already stated that I cannot serve you, please do not ask again.
  • If the demand continues for a third time, walk away without saying anything and seek the assistance from a House Mistress.
  • For those slaves that are owned and collared you will obviously have your instructions from your owner and no doubtingly will be tethered by your collar and leash all evening whilst displaying a fine example of your training and submission to your owner, but do not hesitate to seek assistance from the House Mistresses if any concerns arise.