Friday 23rd February

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Friday 23rd February –  9.30pm-3.30am 
@Crystals (formally Valbons)
23 Lewisham Way
SE14 6PP
2 mins from New Cross & New Cross Gate
Overground: Highbury & Islington – West Croydon)
(Southern Trains: 1 stop to London Bridge)
 LARGE play area with trample cage, Rope House Mistresses to assist and skill share with other Ladies
Ladies only Lounge area with butler service – sponsored by Scarlet Ladies Talk
Fabulous Female DJ: Neo Pink
The sub Sorting Hat
perfect for single subs/slaves/servants or Ladies who are shopping for a new sub/slave/servant – its also great for experienced subs to offer themselves as a safe 1st experience for new Ladies and totally fun for thise Ladies and subs/slaves/servants who like to mix things uo a bit!

FOR: boys and girls who are looking for a Mistress to play with them
FOR: those who wish to experience being served in a high protocol environment
FOR: those who wish to experience serving in a high protocol environment
FOR: Ladies who may be looking for a slave/sub/servant
FOR: Ladies who may like to experience playing with other subs/slaves etc……
FOR: Ladies that like to introduce new subs/slaves/servants to high Femdom protocol
FOR: slaves/subs/servants who revell in serving or even just observing Dominant Ladies
FOR: anyone who likes Femdom!

Club Femdom is a safe space for novices, lifestylers, Pro Dommes and the curious. We encourage the sharing of skills and stories of the lifestyle, the play and the ethos that underpins the Sisterhood of the Dominant Lady. We also happen to have a fabulously fun time and promote the seriousness of the Femdom lifestyle without taking ourselves too seriously.