Loyalty Cards

Loyalty pays off….

Firstly, if you are a sub and you have read this far well done – you are already ahead of a large group of pretenders and self-servers! Good submissives are just as hard to find as good Dominants and then a good Dominant might be good but might not be the right match…. It takes time and effort on both sides to get it right so whatever your game, if you look after your Mistress then your Mistress will want to keep you around! One thing many of the Ladies LOVE about really focused service slaves and subs is that they are loyal and Club Femdom is now introducing the CF Loyalty card – collect a card and get it stamped by Mistress Absolute every time you attend – and don’t worry we can keep it safe in-between events. If you manage to get a house sub slot you can if you do well earn an extra stamp. What’s at the end of those 6 stamps? Anyone who completes 6 stamps gets a membership card which you can then show any potential Lady to prove you have staying power and good behaviour / manners plus your name (and picture if you are able to be photographed) will go on the official Club Femdom website on the ‘above sub-standard’ page and if that accolade was not enough the sub who makes it to 6 stamps is allowed to choose which Lady they play with from the sub sorting board (play matching, rules and consent withstanding)