The sub sorting hat

The sub Sorting Hat

FOR: boys and girls who are looking for a Mistress to play with them

FOR: those who wish to experience serving in a high protocol environment

FOR: Ladies who may be looking for a slave/sub/servant

FOR: Ladies who may like to experience playing with other subs/slaves etc……

FOR: Ladies that like to introduce new subs/slaves/servants to high Femdom protocol

FOR: anyone who likes Femdom!


A simple way for everyone to get involved in the night. Limits always respected. Open to anyone. subs allocated a number, Ladies collect their plaything after numbers are pulled from the hat. subs get to serve / play/ talk with their allocated Domme. Dommes will have the subs playsheet for guidance. Universal safe word RED. scorecards handed in get points towards prizes ON THE NIGHT and points can be collected over 3 events as the sub/slave/servant with the most points amassed between will be awarded a place at one of Miss Ava’a Femdom Retreats where the lucky boy or girl will be part of the very select servers and will experience the Femdom lifestyle 24/7. More details of the ‘Club Femdom Bi Annual ‘strive to serve’ Award’ coming soon 

subs/slaves/servants can now print off the form and fill it in in advance  HERE – forms will be available on the day too!


Ladies – please add Your name to the whiteboard in 1st archway or give Your name to one of the house slaves who will add Your name for you. Please visit the ‘Hat Station’ area between 12.20 & 12.30 to collect Your victim, errr We mean plaything

subs/slaves/servers – please collect a number and a ‘playsheet’ from the ‘Hat Station’ in the first arch – make sure your playsheet is filled in BEFORE midnight


10.30pm – 11.30pm House slaves will collect slave and Mistress names for the sub sorting hat

12.10 slaves/ subs /servers who are participating in the sSH to report to the seating area in the basement arch 1 for their pairing  

12.20 – sorting hat slaves/ subs /servers to start their trial!  

12.50 – trial time finishes and the Ladies will fill in the report cards