Introductory party & WingWoman

If you have been thinking of attending and event for the first time but just can’t get yourself through the door then perhaps what you need is a ‘WingWoman’ !!

Goddess Cleo, and her beautiful friends will be hosting a Newbies/Introductory Multi Mistress Party before every Club Femdom. Do you fancy spending a couple of hours discussing protocol, how to present yourself to a Dominant woman, and then doing some BDSM play with the Ladies? These parties are a perfect introduction for newbies/novices, but they are also great for those with experience who are looking to expand their boundaries because not only do you get to find your feet in an intimate setting you then get to attend Club Femdom with the Ladies by your side …so you can put into practise everything you have learnt!  Every party is tailored to suit the level of each attendee, regardless of how much experience they do or do not have, and all limits and boundaries are completely respected.  Lots of Femdom, fetish, kinky fun starts in a well-equipped playspace in London, E1 –  £150 attendance & entry to the club is included! They can introduce you to the dark side….

To book your place fill in the application form HERE