Dress Code


∞ Dresscode is fetish attire or glamour (think 1950s Chanel, 40s film star, Venus in furs etc) –no jeans or trainers etc – we have a foot massage area and will be having the house foot slaves professionally trained so get out those killer heels!

subs / slaves /servants / maids

∞ The Ladies do love service when its also well presented!  The VERY minimum is a smart pair of  black trousers and a smart black shirt + a collar –  NO t-shirts, no Jeans, no tracksuit truosers no ‘just a pair of  cotton boxer shorts’ – for emergencies we will have a few ‘tabbards of shame + collars’ which you may be able to hire depending on attitude reason for not having suitasble attire.

∞ So, you can wear: leather, PVC, zenti or all smart black trousers and proper (ironed) shirt (no t-shirts) with a slave collar or a formal service outfit:  a maids outfit/butler or school uniform

∞ If you do not have a collar there will be a limited supply on sale at the BOX OFFICE – prices start £15

∞ If you have never been to a fetish or Femdom club before and really need some help we offer an ‘outfit to collect’ service – click HERE for details

∞ All the House Dommes will be keeping an eye out for viloation of the dresscode and will have no problem asking you to leave if you are wandering around in regular clothing

∞ If you are in ANY doubt please email a picture of your proposed outfit and We will email you back to let you know if it is suitable.