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An Extra Special Femdom February!

Unfortunately, after several frustrating events with the new management at Crystals/Hatch we were advised that our substantial venue hire fee did not entitle us to request what we consider basic hygiene standards, we were crazy to expect standard DJ equipment let alone  security that were non-judgemental or professional staff. Apparently a sticky floor and the odd pile of vomit was an acceptable state to hire the space. Every event was an uphill battle just to run the event without harassment, ridicule or contempt. In short the new management did not like the concept of Femdom or understand kink and we were not the type of clientele they wanted and so we found ourselves losing our Femdom playspace.

Now over the years Mistress Absolute, bobette and the team have been relentless in their pursuit of finding venues, working around preconceptions, problems and prejudices but it’s tougher than it’s ever been, and finding a place that is accepting of Our lifestyle, one that is not infested with cockroaches (meaning both the bugs and as in those who run venues) plus accounting for the fact that Our bar spend is around a 1/3 of the spend of a vanilla night is not an easy task. In fact, this venue was the THIRTY SEVENTH venue that MA and bobette have used.

Not wanting to leave you lot without your playtime we have a plan …and we think you are going to like it!! For February’s Femdom Mistress Absolute & Mistress Aleera are going to invite you into their pop-up dungeon space in London Bridge. The location will be signposted from Holyrood Street an is less than 3 mins from London Bridge station

We will be extending our usual space and in doing so will provide two floors of play equipment including the large trampling cage, suspension frame, a medical area, school room PLUS we will have a supervised rubber play area with two rubber body bags, a rubber straitjacket, a vac bed and an inflatable rubber ball so if you have ever wanted to try or if you have ever wanted to put your plaything into rubber bondage. We will have the sub sorting hat as usual so if you have always wanted to be zipped into a rubber body bag now is your chance! There will be music at a low level as the emphasis is on play.

There will be a cash bar stocked with the basics (water, wine, vodka, gin, mixers, beer and prosecco by the bottle) but if you have a particular tipple you would like bring with you then grab a £5 ‘corkage’ ticket in advance (£10 on the door) – we will supply cups and ice – you will be given a tag to hang round your bottle should you wish to put it in the fridge whilst you play. The £5 corkage tickets must be bought in advance and one per person.

There is a limited capacity for this event so get your tickets now!