Club Femdom




Q. Do I have to be a member to get in?
A. No! – everyone is welcome as long as you are dressed in the appropriate attire

Q. Do I have to bring ID?
A. If you look under 21 bring ID obviously. The venue have the option to request ID but due to the nature of this event they very rarely ask for it. Its always good to carry ID so we suggest you have it but its not usually required.

Q. I am a single male. Will I get in and am I welcome?
A. As long you are in dress-code and are polite and respectful then yes! We have lots of Ladies who attend who are looking to find a sub/slave/servant or are happy to play with unowned subs.

Q. I am a female sub is it ok for me to attend
A. yes of course! as long as you are looking to play with female Dominants only that totally fine

Q. I am a new Lady wanting to go but I don’t have anyone to go with – can I turn up on My own?
A. Of course! Many of Us Ladies went to our first kink events on our own …come and find one of the House Mistresses as they are always delighted to introduce new Ladies to the delights of Femdom. If you really would like to meet people before you can attend one of the great Femdom gatherings (We recommend Drinks with Dommes or the Femdom Munch if you are in London)

Q. I ordered my tickets and they have not arrived. What now?
A. All tickets are electronic and sent to you via email which you should print out and bring with you or sent to your mobile phone. If you can’t find your tickets click HERE to go to the Eventbright website

Q. What shows up on my statement when I buy tickets over the internet?
A. Online orders will show up as Eventbrite

Q. Can I buy a ticket on the door?
A. Yes, usually that’s fine, but we always suggest you buy in advance – tickets are for sale for CASH ONLY

Q. Is there a guest list? // I carried xxx’s bag once at an event don’t I get guest list? // surely you have room for a little one? // I know we have not spoken for a while but I wondered if you could pop me on the list? // I am usually on the Subversion  list so I am on this one too right?
A. If you are a male then simply put; NO. If you are a visiting Mistress (outside the UK) please do let Us know in advance and we are happy to guest list you. Ladies we hope you will bring along a sub who pays for your ticket but otherwise you can get advance tickets for as little as £15 PLUS you get £5 of that back if you turn up before 11pm

Q. I am /identify as: transgender, transsexual, gender-queer (GQ), gender-fluid, non-binary, gender-variant, crossdresser, genderless, agender, nongender, third gender, two-spirit, bi-gender, trans man, trans woman,trans masculine, trans feminine and neutrois (apologies if we left anyone out) – can I attend as a Domme?
A. The Club Femdom policy regarding the definition of Femdom, Female Dominant or Lady: You were born and/or raised as a Female and/or You identify with being Female AND LIVE 24/7 AS A FEMALE now.  This does exclude those who dress for pleasure as We feel that unless you exist in this world as a Woman you cannot possibly fathom the nuances of Female Domination. If you feel you are the exception to this rule please feel free to discuss it with Mistress Absolute or Miss Ava Von Medisin BEFORE you arrive. (and yes We know the actual definition of what makes someone ‘Female’ is a very wide and debatable area….)

Getting Ready:

Q. Do you have a dress code?
A. Yes and we are strict on the dress code. We find that if everyone makes the effort it makes for a better atmosphere. There are no refunds if you are challenged about dress code and asked to leave. There is detailed information HERE on dress code.

Q. How do I become a house slave?

Q. How do I become a House Mistress?
A. Firstly – ALL the House Mistresses help for free and we are not looking to ’employ’ Ladies. We have a small group of dedicated Ladies who attend as House Dommes to oversee the safety and enjoyment of everyone, They arrive before all the guests and help out with promotion etc – should You wish to be considered for a HD role please contact Miss Ava HERE please do not be offended if  We do not say yes; We may have a full team already and You could be called up in the future! We consider Club Femdom as a place where all the Ladies are equal and as such the moment You walk through the door We hope You feel at home. If You are travelling from abroad or from a distance of over 200 miles away please let Us know and We will announce Your attendance in newsletters and website plus you are given free guest list entry.

Q. Is there parking nearby?
A. Yes but it is street parking and limited so we always suggest you do public transport/taxi/taxi slave

Q. Can I get changed at the venue?
A. Yes

Q. Can I take toys in?
A. HELL YEAH! there will be lots of pieces of kit but floggers, canes and other implements of hurtiness are not supplied. We ask that you do not bring sharps or wax/fire play into the building.


In the club:

Q.Is there a cloakroom?
A. Yes there is a secure cloakroom when you arrive. The Cloakroom is £2  PER ITEM – we suggest that you bring a bag big enough to fit your coat and clothes in so you will will only be charged for 1 item

Q. Can I have sex inside the venue?
 A. This is a high protocol Femdom fetish club not a sex club so there is no couples room.

Q. Can I use a strap on?
A. Yes you may in the dungeon – but please make sure you have your own condoms, gloves and wipes etc – please make sure the person you are playing with is ‘clean’ before you start and CLEAR UP after yourselves!

Q. Can I masturbate in the club
A. NO – this is a Femdom club – your penis should be behind clothing, in a cage or being tortured.

Q. Can the subs have a drink and chat to each other?
A. Yes of course (unless you have a Dominant who has instructed otherwise) – Protocol and etiquette aside – this is a FUN event!! There is a twitter group you might like to join if you are a sub/slave/servant @Femdom_subs

Q. I have a question that is not answered here. What do I do?
A. Give us a call on 07746 418276 or email us at– Do not expect an answer if you call or email just as the night is setting up or opening. It might be an idea to read the Rules & Guidelines


Club Femdom reserves the right to refuse admission for any reason. There is an enforced fetish dress code. If you are found not to adhere to the dress code you will be asked to leave. Ticket sales are full and final. No refund will be given if admission is refused on the door or if you are asked to leave. Absolutely NO cameras or phone cameras allowed without an official photopass. Over 18s only.