Club Femdom

How to be a house slave


It does not matter if you have little or no experience because you will get training from Miss Ava and a select group of the house Dommes before every event – house slaves, subs and servants/maids will be issued  a Club Femdom coloured collar tag which will identify the service experience and expertise. We will assess you regularly and if you are unowned We can think of nothing better than a proven track record and reference from Club Femdom to help you approach the Domme you have always wanted to belong to……..

We are looking for:

Foot massage slaves
dungeon slaves
meet & greet subs/slaves

We expect dedication and hard work… return you would get free entry to Club Femdom, training, exposure and hands on experience of serving some of the best lifestyle and Pro Dommes in the world …..and you might even have fun…..
We will also be looking for drivers and errand slaves as We intend to offer visiting Dommes the use of any available house slaves when they are in London. Additionally for the shy subs/slaves out there We have some social media tasks that need doing …Come and have a chat with Us about how you might fit into the Club Femdom Team

Ready to apply?

Here is how to do it and some things to note before applying.

  1. DO NOT apply if its less than 4 days before the event – in the case of you just finding this event We suggest you come as a regular sub guest and introduce yourself to Us when you are there and mention you might like to be a Hs for a future event
  2. Make sure you have read the PROTOCOL page BEFORE applying
  3. Make sure you are available to be at the venue in Vauxhall from 8.30pm on the day of the next event as training is from 8.30pm – 9.30pm.
  4. We expect the house slaves to stay until AT LEAST 2am – there may be circumstances where this rule can be bent slightly but if this is the case then your departure time must be agreed IN ADVANCE with Ava von Medisin
  5. Make sure you have a £10 deposit for the coloured tag (this will be retained if you lose or go home with your tag OR if you are dismissed by Ava von Medisin  or Mistress Absolute for bad behaviour duing an event) – no deposit no entry even if you are on the house slave list!
  6. you must have some sort of outfit to wear – We do not supply outfits or collars and you will be expected to adhere to the dresscode
  7. Know which catagory you would like to serve under

– new to Femdom
– service sub / slave
– masochist
– foot sub / slave
– slut / playwhore (someone who is up for pretty much anything)

NOW you may write Ava Von Medisin with a short introduction about you and your previous experience PLUS which catagory you would like to serve under PLUS you must let Her know you have read and agree to the 7 conditions as listed above.

Mistress Ava von Medisin can be contacted via;

Any application which has obviously not carefully written or ignores the format required will automatically be BINNED!!!:

If you apply to be a house slave and We are full then you will be notified and put on the short list for the next event- please note that if you are not sucessful for one event and have been put on the shortlist for the next event your chances of being picked for the next event are MUCH HIGHER if you attend events in a non-house slave capacity.

N.B. No applications will be taken ON THE DAY of an event