Club Femdom

Pour vous Madame

∞ We do not want the Dominant Ladies to have to pay so single slave/sub/service boys and girls each pay a donation in their ticket cost to cover either their Dominant or a single Lady that has registered to go that month. There are a limited number of guest spaces but there will be lots of ways for You to secure Your guest space – if you are travelling from abroad to visit London do let Us know so We can put You on the guest list

∞ Dresscode is fetish attire or glamour (think 1950s Chanel, 40s film star, Venus in furs etc) –no jeans or trainers etc – we have a foot massage area and will be having the house foot slaves professionally trained so get out those killer heels!

∞ Dominants can bring their own slaves with them or be attended by one of the house slaves. We also have the ‘sub sorting hat’ which is a great way to meet a new submissive without having to arrange before you arrive or commit to playing for an entire night!

∞ Ladies are more than welcome to have Their own slaves apply for occasional house slave service should They wish to extend their knowledge and experience base /have a night off / punish their slave by proxy

∞ The club is a social space for Ladies to mix, exchange ideas, encourage and support each other

∞ It will provide a safe space for Ladies who wish to learn more about the lifestyle, the play and the ethos that underpins the Sisterhood of the Dominant Lady. We also ask the Ladies to respect basic manners and etiquette regarding interaction with ALL other guests.

N.B. A note about the House Mistresses – Firstly – ALL the House Mistresses help for free and we are not looking to ’employ’ Ladies. We have a small group of dedicated Ladies who attend as House Dommes to oversee the safety and enjoyment of everyone, They arrive before all the guests and help out with promotion etc – should You wish to be considered for a HD role please contact Miss Ava – please do not be offended if  We do not say yes; We may have a full team already and You could be called up in the future! We consider Club Femdom as a place where all the Ladies are equal and as such the moment You walk through the door We hope You feel at home. If You are travelling from abroad or from a distance of over 200 miles away please let Us know and We will announce Your attendance in newsletters and website plus you are given free guest list entry.